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Quickly, efficiently, always on time!

Teslox is a dynamically developing company, offering complex service related to transport, dispatching, national and international logistics. Every day we prove that we are a company which does not only provide top quality services, but it also carefully listens to the customers’ requirements. We extend our offer all the time and our objective is to fulfil all the needs of our customers related to national and international transport.


We are developing for You!

When we were beginning our activity, we had great plans and expectations. Thanks to 100% involvement of each single employee, the company quickly became mature and reached the heights in the branch. We entered a demanding international market. However, we do not rest on our laurels and we keep developing day after day. Now even more dynamically than ever before.

The main area of the Teslox activity are the European Union countries and Eastern European countries. It does not mean, however, that we restrict ourselves to these localisations only. We are working on expanding the influence to the maximum and make it possible for our customers to transport goods wherever they need them to be delivered.

We offer our own, modern and developed fleet, consisting of  47 trucks of the tonnage up to 3,5 tons, and we are planning to increase it by another 30 vehicles by the end of the year. All vehicles are equipped with advanced technologies, enabling an efficient and safe realization of transport. We realise full-load deliveries as well as groupage transport and the strategic location of exit bases next to outgoing roads and important traffic junctions enables a smooth transport between points and quick loading and unloading of goods.

Involvement, professionalism, punctuality!

We employ only qualified professionals – people with many years of experience, passion and an appropriate approach towards the customer. Our success depends on the fact that we do not just simply do our work. We love what we are doing and we set off on our journey with unhidden pleasure. Our drivers have got the highest competences and they are especially trained to drive even in the most difficult conditions.

We put a special emphasis on the high quality of services, punctuality and professionalism in the contacts with our contractors because the customer’s satisfaction is the most precious for us. 

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Why will the cooperation with Teslox be beneficial for You?

  • We have our own, modern transportation fleet,
  • We put in all the effort to make the load be properly secured,
  • We employ qualified staff,
  • Our drivers have got high competences and driving skills in all conditions,
  • We focus on constant development and expanding our competences,
  • Our offer is adjusted to customer’s individual needs,
  • We guarantee THE TOP QUALITY of services,
  • Goods will always be delivered on time!

We know perfectly that efficient and punctual transport has got a special significance for companies dealing with production. We are here to help Your company develop and increase import and export possibilities of the products to all European Union countries.

Teslox-international transport and dispatching. We are working for your success!

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